Easter Lily Dedications

“May the Light of Christ, rising in glory,
dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.”

From the Easter Vigil Liturgy

Easter Lily Dedications

Each person listed here will be remembered in the daily prayers of the Friars during Holy Week and Easter.

If you see an error, please email the correction to our list coordinator.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Ball
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Ball
  • Thomas Michael Barry
  • James A. Borbely
  • Marie Borbely
  • Thomas Borbely
  • Alice and Joseph Bozik
  • Ann Conlon Burkhalter
  • Nancy Case
  • Sally Jane Corrigan
  • Jacqueline Dunlavey
  • Betty Eddins
  • Doris W. Findlay
  • Peter Findlay
  • Carl J. Flood
  • William F. and Marie F. Flood
  • Clare Fontanini
  • Anne M. Gross
  • Haid Guzman
  • Marie Healy
  • Nomelia Hernandez
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hosinski
  • Eric V. Jackson, Sr.
  • Br. John-Sebastian Laird-Hammond, OFM
  • Odile Marynowych
  • Catherine E. Miles
  • William G. Miles
  • William O’Connell
  • June Parr
  • Mark Parr
  • Helen Queen
  • Fr. Peter A. Rossa
  • Paul & Mary Soprano
  • Norah Tarpey
  • Augustus Vecchia
  • Eleanor Vecchia