Formal Rose Gardens

The formal rose garden, bounded by the Rosary Portico and in front of the church, includes 11 beds of flowers. The beds represent a unique mixture of roses, ranging in color from bright white to brilliant red with a variety of colors in between. Grandiflora and Hybrid Tea are two classes of roses within the beds. We have a large variety of cultivars that differ depending on the color or theme of each bed.

Beds are numbered for reference from 1 to 11. Bed 1 is on the far right of the Main Chapel while bed 11 is behind the Portiuncula Chapel.

Class of Roses
Grandiflora. A grandiflora is a cross between a floribunda and a hybrid tea. Grandifloras are tall elegant plants which bloom repeatedly during the season, and generally feature classic hybrid tea flower clusters with stems which are slightly shorter than those of hybrid teas. This rose grows up to six feet tall.

Hybrid Tea. One of the most popular rose types, these are tall, long-stemmed roses ideal for cutting–the roses you usually see at the florist. The flowers are usually borne singly, one to a stem, rather than in clusters. Blooms have a high-center point. In the garden they are often featured as single specimens or in a traditional rose cutting garden. Many varieties reveal a beautiful rose fragrance.

Cultivars by Bed

Bed 3 (White)
Full Sail                       White Hybrid Tea Rose
Pope John Paul II     White Hybrid Tea Rose
John F. Kennedy       White Hybrid Tea Rose

Bed 4 (Red)
Veterans Honor        Red Hybrid Tea Rose

Bed 8 (Mixed)
Eiffel Tower              Medium Pink Hybrid Tea Rose

Bed 11 (Yellow)
Gold Medal              Yellow Grandiflora Rose
Midas Touch            Yellow Hybrid Tea Rose
Saint  Patrick           Yellow  Hybrid Tea Rose