Easter Lilies & Palm Crosses

The Easter Lily is the traditional flower of Easter, as it is regarded as a joyful symbol of hope and life.  These trumpet shaped flowers were brought from Japan to the United States in 1875 by an American tourist.

In Christendom, the lily has come to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.  The bulb of the flower buried in the ground stands for the tomb of Jesus, and the white trumpet flowers that grow from the bulbs symbolize His life after death.  The white color signifies the Savior’s purity, and the trumpet shape represents Angel Gabriel’s trumpet call to rebirth and new life.

Traditionally each year, the Franciscan Monastery Garden Guild holds an Easter Lily and Palm Cross Sale on Palm Sunday weekend, and a palm-making workshop a week earlier.  However, due to the pandemic restriction guidelines, our Easter Lily Sale will be limited to a one-day, curb-side pick-up for pre-ordered, pre-paid lilies, and an opportunity to honor loved-ones by donating their names on our virtual Easter Lily website.   Unfortunately, we sincerely regret that no palm crosses will be offered this year.

Information about ordering lilies is posted on the home page of this website and on Facebook every year.

Lilies donated in remembrance of a loved one, will have their names  posted on our website, and more importantly, these names will receive blessings and daily prayers by the friars during the Easter Season.