County & State Fair Winning Entries

The Franciscan Monastery Garden Guild vegetables and soaps showed well in this year’s agricultural fairs. Congratulations to Lou Maroulis, Joe Bozik, Mark Brzozowski, Donna Cestone and all the volunteers who made this possible! 

Howard County Fair

  • Handmade tallow soap, hot process, 1st place
  • Large tomatoes (Mortgage Lifter), 1st place
  • Yellow tomatoes (Lemon Boy), 2nd place
  • Corn, 2nd place
  • Eggplant, 2nd place
  • Black olive hot peppers, 3rd place
  • Heirloom tomatoes (Mortgage Lifter), 4th place
  • Striped zucchini, 3rd place

Maryland State Fair 

  • Pickling cucumbers, 2nd place
  • White eggplant, 4th place
  • Basket of mixed vegetables, 6th place
  • Handmade tallow soap, hot process – 3rd place

Montgomery County Fair 

  • Yellow tomato (Lemon Boy), 2nd place
  • Yellow sugar corn, 3rd place
  • Eggplant (light purple), 3rd place
  • Eggplant (white), 4th place
  • Eggplant, honorable mention
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